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Online Picture Dictionary

Online Picture Dictionary

Picture Dictionary
online picture dictionary

Online picture dictionaries help people to find the meaning of a word or phrase in their desire language by related pictures. SmarterTech team has announced that they have started their multilingual picture dictionary including Persian(Farsi) in this URL www.picturedictionary.info
The site is new and they are adding 10s of pictures everyday in their vast list of categories and subcategories and some other languages contain Arabic, Turkish, German and … will be added to this site in next 6 month.

Online Picture Dictionary
Online Picture Dictionary

Babylon dictionary

Babylon dictionary review by Iran Translator

The main advantage of Babylon’s online translation over other dictionaries is that it uses several databases simultaneously. Individuals and companies can create their own technical dictionaries and users can add them to their dictionaries. This causes Babylon to be one of the richest dictionaries in the world.
At present, there is no interface or database for Babylon in Farsi (Persian). If a Farsi interface and database forBabylon is created, It will be more efficient for Farsi language users. However, they can use English to Farsi dictionaries and vice versa created by others in Babylon. The possibility of using English to Farsi dictionaries along with other valid English dictionaries such as Oxford and Wikipedia and Britannica enhances the translation quality.