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Online Picture Dictionary

Online Picture Dictionary

Picture Dictionary
online picture dictionary

Online picture dictionaries help people to find the meaning of a word or phrase in their desire language by related pictures. SmarterTech team has announced that they have started their multilingual picture dictionary including Persian(Farsi) in this URL www.picturedictionary.info
The site is new and they are adding 10s of pictures everyday in their vast list of categories and subcategories and some other languages contain Arabic, Turkish, German and … will be added to this site in next 6 month.

Online Picture Dictionary
Online Picture Dictionary

About ITG

About ITG

We are a group of translators who specialize in different fields and have been trying to define certain standards for our translations to Farsi.
Since Farsi (Persian) is officially spoken only in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan and Farsi speakers are relatively fewer than some other languages, we have had a lot of difficulties using the software originally designed for use with the source language, but we could gradually cover a range of software programs and facilitate the work done. Therefore, we could gain more experience for making final pages and preparing the documents for print or presentation on the web.
All our translators are native speakers of Persian (Farsi) and live in Iran.
We have done several translation and page making projects for important companies such as Berlitz, Bowne, …
Speed and quality are primarily what we aim to achieve. We have always tried to improve the quality of our services by adopting helpful ideas, and we will be delighted to hear your constructive suggestions.

iran under sanctions

Iran under Sanction

We believe that government relations shouldn’t affect common people’s lives

Iran Translator Group translates your documents from English to Persian (Farsi) and does DTP (DeskTop Publishing) work.
Iran Translator “English to Persian (Farsi) translation” site’s request from software producing companies that put Iran under sanction.
We believe that government relations shouldn’t affect common people’s lives.
Unfortunately, it’s been several years that Iranian people haven’t been able to buy, download or receive PC software legally on account of the embargo. As a result, about 25,000,000 copies of main software for PC (Such as Microsoft Windows, Adobe Photoshop, …) are used by Iranian people illegally which is to the loss of the producing companies as well as to the loss of Iranian people who can’t be supported by the companies.
Therefore, we earnestly ask to reconsider the matter and annul PC software embargo for Iranians.
If you agree, please join us to ask the software producing companies to annul the embargo.